Best Educational Toys for Kids


Building BlocksThe word “education” carries an unfortunate stigma, this notion that play and learning are somehow mutually exclusive.  In fact, educational kids’ toys can provide hours of entertainment while stimulating the minds of wee ones.  The best educational toys for kids are the ones that offer an interactive experience, allowing for cooperation, innovation, and puzzle-solving.


Architectural building blocks are one of the most popular educational toys for kids.  Building blocks have been around for centuries, and their basic form has changed very little.  However, toy companies today are developing building blocks that further challenge children’s creativity and stretch their minds.  They come in many shapes and forms, from amazing Roman Coliseum sets to towns and villages that children can customize to their liking.  They’re not your Daddy’s building blocks, that’s for sure!


Guidecraft’s line of city blocks toys, for instance, includes 65 pieces, colorful characters, and a variety of shapes and sizes to enhance your child’s shape recognition.  Suitable for children from ages 3 – up, they’re the perfect method of developing your young one’s motor skills even while stimulating his or her creativity.  Perhaps best of all, the blocks are constructed from eco-friendly rubber wood.


Haba’s inventive playthings include the 1st Wonder of the Living Room – architectural blocks that can be shaped into a Great Pyramid!  This set allows children to create intricate mazes and pathways just like in the pyramids of old, and includes a sarcophagus that they can hide deep within its depths.  The 110 piece set includes a tiny little Sphinx and several wooden trees to offer shade in the desert of your playroom floor.


If you’re looking for architectural blocks, you can’t go wrong with the 2011 Parents’ Choice Gold Award winner.  The “Block Builders” set includes six uniquely hinged blocks that can be combined in a number of different ways to create skyscrapers, homes, and incredible works of modern art.  They’re perfect for the curious kid who want to experiment a bit, and because the set includes 50 puzzles that challenge their problem-solving abilities, it’ll take ages for them to become bored!  (That’s what we call an investment.)


To children, building blocks are so much more than old people like us often realize.  They offer limitless possibilities for the inquisitive child and reward that curiosity with a creative outlet.  For parents who want to develop their children’s minds at the same time as their motor skills, architectural building blocks are the way to go.


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